1. Colonel Yazid Abdullah

Said I and my family the time they spent in the hospitality eyes desert tourism in the desert safari. The camp in the desert was amazing during which we were able to see up close the Bedouin culture, which was in the past. The summit fun surpassed visualization with riding four-wheel-drive cars and eating junk food and drinking tea "Kirk", we appreciate the hospitality Olitamona them with your male to our host Mr. Kamal and his friends who were taking care of much family. We hope to return again someday, thank you
Date Posted : 05/02/2013

2. Patrick and Arya Holland

We thank you for what Smonah spacious catering immortal day we spent with you, on that day not only on a camel ride or Taus on the sand dunes, but surprises that were within it and was waiting for us. Your service has been fine in the sudden my girlfriend to ask them marriage. The desert site, especially during combination Sunbeam time horizon sunset they remained stuck in our memories and will never forget.
Thank you very much, and will always remember you and your team!

Date Posted : 05/02/2013

3. Sarah Maria & Mona form USA

Thank you for the lovely experience in the desert. It was extremely fun & eye opening.

We especially enjoyed the camel ride, the desert 4 wheel drive and the tea and fire under the stars.

Thank you very much
Date Posted : 04/01/2013

4. Havry & Mellen Wasser from Holland

My dear friend Mr Matar. You and your team made our day in your camp unforgettable for our kids. You have done a lot in making it possible that they will remember this forever. Experiencing the true Emirates culture and values brings us something special. We will be from now on your most proud supporters
Date Posted : 04/01/2013

5. Veronica

I enjoyed our day very much!!! Staff were very friendly and programs were interesting. Dune bashing was excellent! I believe this was not our last visit here!!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

6. Ms. Mirja

A PEACE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! Wonderful and Beautiful. Best Staff and camp in UAE. This is our 9th time to visit and we still love it!!! Good job to everyone!!!

Date Posted : 27/11/2012

7. Mr. Duff

Wonderful atmosphere!!! Very nice and friendly staff. All were smiling from the start till finished of the tour. Food was great also. Good job to everyone! Will definitely go back!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

8. Rochetau

Thank you for this afternoon. Your camp is very nice for family. We relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. The staff are all very nice. Dune bashing was great!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

9. Francis Fourie

This was the best experience ever! The host was very friendly and accommodating. We really loved the dune bashing and the food was great! It was a great day!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

10. Ms. Antje

We had a very pleasant day. The food was very good and all the personnel very friendly. Especially the dune bashing was a very great experience.
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

11. Molly

thank you for the wonderful memories! we had a lovely time. my friend said that it was her favorite thing we did while she was visiting the uae. that's a big compliment considering all of the fun experiences i planned for her!! :)I also want to thank you immensely for finding and returning my wallet. i was so relieved to have it back with everything safely returned. thank you for your honesty, for checking so many times, and for dropping it off at my house. you went above and beyond! Many thanks and god's blessings on you all!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

12. Denise

We are really grateful for the wonderful time that we passed in the overnight safari, I will surely recommend you to all the people I know in Abu Dhabi....Next year we will come again for sure and maybe we can arrange to make 2 nights instead of one there.Thanks again to all and I will definitely see you again for another desert safari!!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012

13. Donna

Good service, very organized activities. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Even though there is no belly dancing compare to other Safari, we enjoyed everything. This camp is a family oriented camp so the family will enjoy. Excellent!!!
Date Posted : 27/11/2012