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3 02, 2019

They say success is a long journey

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Matar al Mansoori took a big risk when he set up Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism last summer in a place where desert safaris are 10-a-penny. He knew he had to offer something different if he wanted to carve out a niche in the market. Al Badeyah, meaning "the life of the Bedouin", is how he wants his guests to see his camp, through the eyes of the Bedouin. The camp is bedecked with luxurious tents in the area where he grew up, close to his family farm. Giving his visitors a more authentic experience than the expected belly dancer [...]

2 02, 2019

Journey to Success, Emirati Alumni – Matar Al Mansoori

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The more time I spend with Matar Al Mansoori, the more I feel he embodies the heart and soul of the UAE. A kind and patient man, he emanates a calming presence. He told me that his father was his mentor and role model when I asked him recently who he would consider his best mentor. He was sharing some of his memorable childhood stories, and I was enthralled by his passion for his topic. Born in Al Ain on the 28th September 1975, and raised Al Khazna, Liwa Oasis, Matar’s fondest memories of his father was spending time with [...]

2 02, 2019

Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism is a Khalifa Fund supported hospitality and tourism business

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Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism (ABET Tourism) is a Khalifa Fund sponsored and supported hospitality and tourism business. We specialize in providing desert safari experience. We are also a one-stop solution to your Abu Dhabi City Tour plans. The Khalifa Fund is created to identify, support and supervise businesses run by local Emiratis who are dedicated to the future vision of Abu Dhabi as a modern city with world standard infrastructure, cutting edge technology, competitive trade and investment destination. Abu Dhabi is already emerging as the cultural hub of the UAE. Khalifa Fund supported business projects are also the custodians [...]

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