1. Wear Light Clothing

It goes without saying that comfortable and breathable clothing would be best if you want to enjoy the desert safari tour to the fullest. A desert is not anything like the city so keep in mind that extreme heat can cause dehydration and sunstroke. Don’t forget to cover your head as it’s the part of the body that is extremely exposed to the sun.

Pro tip: Wear light-colored clothing as dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat.

  1. Travel in Groups

A Desert Safari tour is more fun when you come in groups. Whether it be a family trip, a celebration with your friends or even corporate functions such as company outings and team building activities, a Desert Safari Tour is one of the best outlets for fun and cultural engagement.

Another advantage of traveling in groups is having people to look after you and vice versa. If someone doesn’t have a specific item they might need, they can borrow it from someone who has it in the group. After all, a Desert Safari tour is still an adventure where you find your feet in new terrains.

  1. Hydrate!

When we say desert, it also means water. Even if you’re on tour, it wouldn’t hurt to always have that extra water packed just in case. Remember that it’s not just about the feeling of thirst but more on water loss because of sweating. Drink and bring enough water.

  1. Safe than to be Sorry

Picture this. You’re having a lot of fun during the Desert Safari Tour when you spot a sand-fish or a lizard. They might seem harmless but it’s advised to avoid touching the native animals at the desert especially when you’re not familiar with them. Remember, a fun hassle-free trip is one that gives importance to safety and precautions. So, next time you see unknown plants, insects or animals in the desert, better think twice.


  1. Quad Biking at It’s Best

One of the main highlights of a Desert Safari tour is the Quad Bike Ride. Most tourists tend to be excited over these adrenaline inducer rides however, don’t let recklessness get into play by speeding over the sand dunes and cause harmful accidents not only to you but with the other tourists. If you’re curious about something with your quad bike, don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide. Never put yourself at risk unless you’ve got a trusted travel insurance that covers adventures and sports activities.


Remember these 5 starter tips and let the desert set you free as you enjoy your time during the Desert Safari Tour! Indulge and experience a full-scope Arabian experience filled with tradition, culture, and adventure.

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