The Abu Dhabi Peal Journey experience is the first cultural and tourism product of its kind in the capital. A unique edutainment (Education + Entertainment) experience to enrich people knowledge on the history of the pearling industry in the Arabian Gulf region, and how our forefathers dedicated their lives to collect thousands of seashells in hope to find a pearl…  Our Pearl Journey will begin as you board the authentic “Jalboot” our pearling traditional boat. And be seated comfortably at our Arabian Majlis on the Jalboot, while being served some Arabian hospitality refreshments. This program is offered and managed by Emirati & International Cultural experts & guides. 

Our location is at the marina of the Eastern Mangroves Hotel – Abu Dhabi. Visitors can park at the Main Entrance parking area. 

Our tours schedules are as the following: (please note we also take special requests and we can always arrange a different time that suites the clients’ requests.

Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey tours schedule: 

  1. Scheduled Tours (every day – 7 days a week)
  2. a) 1st tour available at 09:00
  3. b) 2nd tour available at 11:00 
  4. c) 3rd tour available at 15:00
  5. d) 4th tour available at 18:00
  6. e) 5th  tour available at 20:00

*Note: Please note that the boat can take a maximum of 18 guests per tour so for number groups we can always organize a different timing for every 18 pax during the day. We also take appointments, so guests are free to choose the time they want the tour starts! 

  1. During the Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey tour the guests will experience:
  2. a) A mangroves sea cruise journey.
  3. b) Sailing on a traditional dhow (Jalboot)
  4. c) Photographing Abu Dhabi Island from the sea.
  5. d) Oyster opening demonstration.
  6. e) Oyster opening by yourself (you keep the pearls you find).
  7. f) Delicious traditional snacks and beverages on board. 
  1. Cancellation:
  • 7 days prior to the booked date – full refund
  • 4 days prior to the booked date – 50%  cancelation fee
  • 2 days prior to the booked date – 100% cancelation fee  
  1. Special requests:  We offer creative, unique and special moment packages as well, where for example after opening an oyster and even cooking the oyster meat found inside the oyster, a special dinner on the jalbot will be served by the chef who can make you a delicious meal or salad. Another creative package requires a special arrangement and of course all based on bookings. 

Here are some of our best signatures packages that we have sold to guests who were asking for a special and unique program:

  1. a) Marriage proposal: If a man wants to propose to his lady, we can arrange it so that we surprise the lady. As soon as she opens the oyster she will find that her official engagement ring is actually inside the oyster along with the real pearl
  2. b) Pearl Date: For couples only, where the guests will enjoy a romantic sail on the jalbot mainly during the evening hours. The couple will start opening the oysters, searching for pearls and have their own dinner on the jalbot
  3. c) Pearl Dive The guest will dive into the water with an Emirati expert pearl diver, search for pearls then open them on the jalbot in order to collect their own pearls  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)  

Tours are conducted on a daily basis for groups or individuals, from 9 am to 8 pm. Evening tours are also available upon request but need to be booked ahead of time. 

Group bookings with 15- 20 guests are available as a group rate discount of 

The jalbot can take a maximum of 20 guests per tour but always preferred up to 18 pax only. 

Yes, we also offer one-on-one tours. 

The jalbot will depart from the Marina area which is located at the Eastern Mangrove Hotel.  You can park your car at the hotel main entrance parking are, ask at the Concierge about the Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey and they can guide you to the Marina area.   

Each tour takes approximately 60minutes but for full boat it takes around 90 minutes, the tour includes a live educational show on the history of the pearl and its culture in the UAE and the Gulf region, and then the process of opening the oysters takes place.

Yes, the guests will be offered to drink water and juice, including Arabian coffee and Karak tea. Dates and some traditional snacks.

Yes, the jalbot  is a real and authentic  traditional dhow that was used for pearl-diving in the Arabian Gulf region during the earlier times.  At the same time, it is decorated like an Arabian Majlis style.  

Each guest is given the chance to search for a pearl after we open the seashell in front of them with the oyster knife (oyster opener tool). Every guest will be searching the seashells until they find the pearl. Each guest will discover his/her own pearl because we make sure that we have enough seashells that are with pearls. So in case a guest doesn’t find a pearl in the first seashell that they open then they will receive another seashell till they find their pearl.